Organizations are reaching out to DRYVER when they are struggling with getting the right people into their organization and filling the right seats on the bus. From the bottom to the top, ensuring future leaders are in place for succession planning and everyone maintains the performance they demonstrate during their ‘honeymoon period’ consistently. How do we get them to care?

They contact us when they are frustrated with the 30-50% of their starting salary investment they have made into their people whom then up and leave within 12-24 months of starting and are seeking a way to make sure people are staying on the bus for a longer tenure.

They want to understand how to motivate their ‘Millennial’ workforce without ostracizing their Gen X or Baby Boomer demographics and searching for ways to satisfy younger generations instant need for leadership development, new challenges, new roles and responsibilities and satisfy their need for freedom and flexible, results driven working environment whilst adding to the financial bottom line.

What is the problem?

Open any newspaper, and you will find articles highlighting the 21st century workplace, one where multiple generations work together and where the “future of work” is both daunting and uncertain. Already, competition for prime talent is fierce, where startups, SMEs and established corporations all look for the best and brightest in the “war for talent”. These pressures are increased by the reality that within the next ten years, 75% of the workplace will be “Generation Y”.

Yet, too many companies struggle in attracting and retaining young talent, and this is costly: every young employee lost within two years costs companies 30-50% of an employee’s starting salary. A stream of Baby Boomers leaving the workplace only worsens this problem, especially when companies have failed to integrate multigenerational engagement in their succession planning. Failure to adjust is impactful. It’s a situation no organization can bear to face.

The benefits of adapting to this landscape are clear: more dynamic and inclusive workplaces, a generation of fresh ideas, effective use of onboarding and professional skills development budgets and satisfied employees.


Over the past years we have been fortunate enough to work across Canada, into the United States, and even into the United Kingdom. We’ve engaged with government, for-profits and not, companies that have only a hand full of employees and others who have thousands. Across industry and sector we’re proud of our robust process while still allowing flexibility and customization in everything we do.


Improving workplace culture and talent attraction competitiveness

In late 2014, DRYVER was contracted to provide a workplace culture assessment and talent attraction strategy as the company entered a period of renewed growth across Canada. Despite having over 2000 employees across Canada, and multi-billion dollar revenue annually, the client was not regarded as a leading brand by exceptional students and young professionals out of top-100 ranked universities.

DRYVER staff opened the engagement with a non-invasive Phase I workplace culture diagnostic assessment, in order to understand client workplace culture based on themes such as autonomy, mastery, integration and sustainability, all allowing Gen Y Inc. to provide accurate, research-based advice.

Phase II of the engagement included multiple in-depth consultations and discovery sessions, in order to determine the range of workplace culture programs offered across various cities and regions.

Based on the Phase II portion, DRYVER project leads engaged in a further consultation of client staff across multiple units in the company. DRYVER led discovery sessions first to understand what initiatives were currently being implemented in order to retain staff, and then to better understand the strategies and languages used in order to attract talent from target universities.

With these insights in mind, DRYVER developed a workplace culture implementation strategy that would help position the client for success in the future of work.

Preparing a top ten ranked global university commercialization centre for organizational growth

In June 2015, one of Canada’s highest ranked university commercialization centres and tech consultancies engaged DRYVER in order to conduct a workplace culture assessment in preparation for a 20% increase in the number of staff within the organization.

In Phase I of the engagement, DRYVER engaged the client in a workplace culture assessment. Phase II, which consisted of systematic engagement of client staff, beginning with the executive leadership team and then to new hires across the three service lines. In this second phase, DRYVER led advisory sessions in order to understand both the formal and informal means of communications for employees, the types of mentorship programs offered as well as their effectiveness, and forms of recognition and celebration for employees who consistently go above and beyond the call of duty in their work.

The third and final phase of the engagement entailed the development of recommendations for the client, all based on the conversations and empowerment of the employees within the organization.

Conducting an industry-wide cultural analysis

As part of the Greenest Workforce Campaign to recruit 60,000 workers into the Canadian forestry sector by 2020, DRYVER worked alongside the industry and its largest companies in delivering workplace culture data that will help achieve this monumental attraction and retention goal. This remote analysis took place across Canada and was conducted in only one month. Following the analysis, DRYVER was able to advise on how to attract and retain talent based on fit throughout the industry.


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