How do you engage employees within your company? What allows them to voice their ideas risk-free and anonymously? How do you keep your top talent – everywhere from experienced executives to new hires – ensuring you build productive teams when workforces are more multigenerational and collaborative than before? Why is a new hire going to turn down six offers and take yours? Companies of all sizes have never been more pressed to carefully identify, pursue and retain their talent, in times where traditional HR practices are no longer effective and where the costs of missteps are perilous.


DRYVER’s Cultural Diagnostic Tool provides Executives, HR leaders and Marketing staff with rapid results, high-impact data and peace of mind by proactively capitalizing on employees’ insights and perspectives across generations.

Through its proprietary research and expertise in multigenerational culture, DRYVER helps companies prevent against financial costs and headaches resulting from employee churn – particularly in the “Gen Y” demographic, while also providing value through increased understanding of company culture and the tools required to attract, retain, and extract ideas and best practices from people within the organization.

DRYVER’s Cultural Diagnostic Tool takes just two days to implement, with a thorough cultural assessment delivered to clients – in person – a maximum of two weeks later. It is a time-efficient, data-driven and people-centered step in preparing companies for a competitive and complex future of work, where the advantages gained through strong culture are key to exceptional company performance.

What makes DRYVER’s assessment different?

Our tool and process enables organization to get a full in depth understanding of what gaps they currently have and where they are coming from. From leadership opportunities to process and feedback within the organization, our tool and the data it produces uncovers areas of development in more detail that ‘surface pain’. We can understand where, what, and why and then develop a plan to evolve.

Typically we hear of people checking in with their people once per year with their ‘engagement survey’. Though this works for some, these exercises often fail to understand the root of the problem, and usually sit on the shelf collecting dust for the year.

We use a different approach. We collect new data every quarter and segment the data into tenure, age, sex, position, ethnicity, and different business units. This ensures complete understanding, prevents diagnostic fatigue and the ability to continuously trend data.

More data. Great, now what?

We help you interpret, understand and target the data. Putting together a framework with recommendations and a road map to evolving your areas of development as well as a quarterly review with your leadership team to review last quarter’s results, what is needing attention and how to reach your goals.


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