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The Questions Students Aren’t (and should be) Asked

Ilona Dougherty, founder of Apathy is Boring and recent recipient of Canada’s Top 100 Women in 2015 has done some very interesting research around the shift in the number of students attending university. In her recent article, she found that ‘the number of students enrolled full-time in university has more than doubled since 1980, even […]

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Breaking down generational barriers

The Berlin Wall, constructed in 1961, separated East Berlin from West. On the East side of the wall was, of course, the Soviet sector of Berlin, established in 1945. The West side of the wall, comprised of American, French, and British sectors, was a free city that operated with much less restriction than its neighbour […]

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Find the right employees through storytelling

The British Columbia Construction Association states that ‘Even though the youth unemployment rate in BC is 14.5%, only 1 in 85 graduates enter the trades directly out of high school. We need that statistic to be 1 in 5 to fill the workforce gap.’ An amazing static, considering how lucrative and innovative careers in trades […]

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How to thrive in the modern workforce

Originally posted in the World Economic Forum Agenda. Written by Emerson Csorba. In The Paradox of Choice, American philosopher and sociologist Barry Schwartz writes that, “As a culture, we are enamored of freedom, self-determination, and variety, and we are reluctant to give up any of our options.” And yet, “clinging tenaciously to all the choices available to […]

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The paradox of choice for young change makers

Originally posted in The Social Innovation Blog at the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Social Innovation. Written by Emerson Csorba. In his fascinating book The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less, sociologist Barry Schwartz argues that more choice is sometimes less for companies and their people. Indeed, “Part of the downside of abundant choice […]

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