Eric Termuende

Eric Termuende is founder of the DRYVER Group., a consultancy focused on the the attraction and retention of top talent. Eric has been featured in Forbes and the Huffington Post, and In 2015, Eric was recognized as a Top 100 Emerging Innovators under 35 globally by American Express. He sat as Community Integration Chair for Global Shapers Calgary, a community that functions under the World Economic Forum. Eric is a former Canadian G20 YEA Delegate, representing Canada in Sydney in 2014. In 2016, Eric spoke at TEDxBCIT in Vancouver giving his presentation entitled ‘Bigger than Work’. Eric has worked and spoken with clients across the world. His new book, Rethink Work is now available on Amazon.


The Future of the Workplace

By 2025, 75% of the workforce will be Generation Y: What does this mean for the future of work? With the average tenure of a Gen Yer being just over two years in a company, how can we strengthen institutional memory by developing a sustainable employee base? How do we reduce the time, energy, and finances lost when the recruiting cycle becomes shorter and shorter? How are students being educated about their careers, and how can we engage them once they join our companies? What does the future of work mean for the traditional career, and how is technology changing the way we work? This seminar or speech will outline how to better attract, engage, and retain a employees of all generations, including this highly misunderstood generation. The future of work is happening now, and businesses have to be sure that the communication of their culture is being done properly to attract the best possible employees for them.

Bringing Generations Together

Today there are up to five generations in the workplace. With increased technological integration combined with different levels of technological competency, how can we get the most out of our people? How can we increase collaboration and engagement in the workplace? In this presentation Eric discusses communication and collaboration in the workplace. He talks about the shifting nature of work and the environment needed for an integrated workplace.

Redefining Success

In this presentation Eric talks about his small town roots and how success can mean many different things to different people. As he ties his story back to numerous experiences throughout his life, he sheds light on a new way to think about goal-setting, success and the ever long search for success and happiness.

People Relations: The New PR

Over the past decade there has been an increasing focus on culture in the workplace and the struggle to attract the right people and keep them on board for longer than a year or two. With marketing being focused usually on the product, and HR usually being about benefits, vacation, recruiting, etc. the future of talent attraction must be about radical transparency, authenticity, and most importantly, people. This presentation talks about the changes needed to differentiate companies from each other and market our strongest assets: our people.

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